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Criature - La serie - Streaming Sub ITA Full completa

Criature - Streaming HD

Da questo Post è possibile accedere a tutti gli episodi di Criature.

Stagione 1: We have assumed Control

1x01: Attention to All Planet of the Solar Federation... | Openload
1x02: #SanCupo | Megavideo - Speedvideo
1x03: By The numbers | Pornhub
1x04: コモレビ / アスパラゴ  | Nowdownload
1x05: ontwaken | Rapidgator
1x06: OBEY | Cineblog01
1x07: Vermillioncore | Fastvideo
1x08: Ignis Fatuus | Nowvideo
1x09: Mêlée Island | VidTo

GENERE: Thriller / Noir / Onirico
ANNO: 2017
CREW: Studiopazzia, Leonardo Chironi, Alessandro Morese, Marcello Rubino, Roberto Guerinoni, Girolamo Berto, Stefano Donatiello, Gianna Mariello, Ruben Curto
MUSICHE: Turel Caccese e Modestino Affidato
CREATO DA: Flavio Ignelzi e Antonio Furno



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Criature - una serie di Flavio Ignielzi e Antonio Furno. Ho scritto la prima stagione.

(Ovvero cosa è successo negli ultimi due anni di vita del Turello)

Negli ultimi mesi la mia assenza nel web si è fatta sentire sempre di più e la mia regolarità nel pubblicare qualcosa è diventata costante quanto l'affidabilità di un bipolare sotto effetto di mescalina. Ma a partire da oggi, parte un nuovo progetto a cui sono stato invitato a partecipare, un progetto di scrittura collettiva dal titolo Criature. Qui c'è la sigla e qui c'è il link al primo episodio

L'incipit più o meno è questo: è il primo giorno di scuola in un paesino del beneventano chiamato San Cupo ai Monti ma i bambini spariscono durante il vaggio in pullman. Che fine hanno fatto?
Ognuno, può collaborare scrivendo la sua versione. Io ho scritto 9 capitoli per una prima stagione  dove ho chiamato in ogni capitolo un amico a disegnare un illustrazione. Nel primo capitolo compare per esempio il mio vecchio amico studiopazzia che sarebbe l'autore di "bambini". Sembrava giusto farlo partecipare in un progetto che ha lo stesso nome (ma detto in dialetto). Ma non è l'unico che come al solito si sporca le mani per me. Seguite la serie per scoprire tutte le persone che hanno collaborato a questo progetto. Qui c'è anche un calendario.

Altre notizie:
Mi si è riattivai l'account di facebook perché lo avevo associato con Istagram. Sappiate che continuo a non usare Facebook almeno per un altro periodo quindi se mi scrivete da lì, non vi rispondo. Ergo, scrivetemi da cellulare, Twitter, Istagram ma non da Facebook. Le pagine le stanno gestendo i miei fedeli collaboratori, se scrivete da lì, mi inoltrano i messaggi. 

Su Istagram pubblico stati e storie di gatti. Al momento, è il social che sto usando di più, se c'è qualcosa, la scrivo lì.

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This article was published in italian for MOTHERBOARD ITALIA (VICE) with a different editing by Antonella Di Biase
English Version: Maria Alessandra de Beaumont and Andrea Turel Caccese
This version it's also available on Medium

When I got in touch with Kevin, a.k.a. Apple//Green, a young German musician to interview him about his work, I had no idea about what he was about to tell me about the real Gamergate scandal consequences, which happened two years ago in the US. Kevin is the author of a notable soundtrack for a game that never got made.

Kevin is a talented musician who only got few occasions to put himself to the test and a couple of times it was incomplete games. His only means of support is his Patreon, with some support by those who buy his personal songs on Bandcamp.

Apple//Green: I’m currently a freelance musician and have been working for mostly non-budget/non-profit games with the exception of one dating Sim I’m contributing music for occasionally. [It] is developed by one person who has been kind enough to share donations she receives with me.

Hearing there are few samples in his production and many real instruments, I asked him about the type of equipment he uses.

Apple//Green: While it still depends on the genre, if a track is supposed to have non synthetic instruments I usually try to purchase the actual instrument and record them with my microphone.
The exceptions here being string sections, pianos, full on drum sets and anything else that’d cost me over a thousand dollars or more to purchase.
However I do have a very close friend of mine in America who’s been graciously recording real live horns for me whenever I need them. This being probably one of the best examples.
I tried adjusting the audio levels on the horns a bit and added a few more trombones at that one part where they play the kazoo melody.

I managed to chat with Kevin a little bit via Telegram just to interview him about his music, but as we’re about to touch the topic of the videogame soundtrack, he asked me:

Apple//Green: Just before I dump a big block of information on you, how much do you know about Vivian James and everything affiliated with the character?

What I knew about Vivian James at the moment of the interview was just the game that included his soundtrack. I only got to delve into the story in the following days, talking to Kevin again. The ins and outs of the story were appalling.

In August 2014, the videogame community, stemming from the American one and then spreading to the rest of the world, was blown over by the so-called “Gamergate scandal”. It was an actual media rumpus, that showed the terrible power united haters can have. A demographic study that, if thorougly analyzed, would explain how Trump’s victory was already certain months before American elections.

Three years passed already, but talking about it could very easily still fuel arguments and flames: the Gamergate topic touches upon sexism, misoginy, fascism, misinformation and fanatism.
Any male journalist who ever tried to explain the topic, adding his own point of view, found himself drowning in critical comments, generating deceptive discussions.
Trying to recap for story purposes, and focusing on haters and doxxing:
  • On February 14th 2014 a free browser game, Depression Quest, was published. It was an interactive fiction game made with Twine. The game, talking bluntly about sensitive topics such as depression, psychiatric drugs and suicidal tendencies, was at first harshly criticized by a multitude of haters. It was then positively greeted by the critics and ended up as a paid game on Steam on August 11th 2014.
  • Actor Robin Williams died committing suicide on the same day. He suffered from Lewy body dementia and this news shocked media from all over the world, who imagined Robin Williams as a doctor in clown clothes making everybody smile in his everyday life. On the internet, the average user and the aforementioned haters (who failed at boycotting the videogame Depression Quest) unknowingly united and accused the developer Zoe Quinn of taking advantage of the actor’s death to sell her game. Moreover, since the developer was female and the average gamer was male, to them Zoe Quinn immediately became a whore.
  • Indeed, the first one saying how much of a whore she was was her own ex fiance, accusing her with an open letter on tumblr of having had sex with a journalist in exchange for advertising her game.
  • From this, a huge controversy followed about journalism ethical integrity, as well as harsher death threats to the developer. But while the game became free to play and it came out that the journalist never even reviewed the game, it was too late. Since haters tipically never admit being wrong, other women in the videogame industry were targeted, including the creator of a web series about feminism, Anita Sarkeesian. She was forced to being escorted by FBI after a university lecture of hers got cancelled because a letter had came in saying “the deadliest school shooting in American history” would occur.
  • The unstoppable rise of this kind of haters was defined by Know Your Meme encyclopedia the rise of social justice warriors. Basically nazis.
  • Phil Fish (the creator of renowed FEZ), seeing how much how gamers sucked and how they treated videogame authors, decided to sell FEZ and his company Polytron intellectual rights.
And back to the interview:

Apple//Green: It’s heavily tied to gamergate nowadays but started out as a reward from a feminist crowdfunding campaign called “The Fine Young Capitalists”. I forgot the exact amount, but a certain amount of donation money would let you draw a character for one of the games, so one day a lot of anons on 4chan decided to pledge like $500 to the campaign alongside the following drawing just to prove a point.
I think someone just said: “Hey, why don’t you just all send money to my PayPal account and I’ll send that to TFYC in the name of /v/ as a whole?”. I could be wrong but that’s essentially what happened.

It was during this upheaval of events that a young sharp Canadian man, being in the right place at the right time, was able to take advantage of this social storm.
We’re talking about Matthew Rappard, founder of The Fine Young Capitalists, a self-defined “radical feminist” group. Their purpose was to promote non-profit initiatives in favor of under-represented demographic and working classes in the media industry.
Someone from The Fine Young Capitalists wrote on reddit they were being targeted by Zoe Quinn because of a contest of theirs.

TFYC organized a contest where you had to pick an idea (among five total) to develop a videogame for a society based in Bogota. The peculiarity was that these projects were all developed by women (actually, only the concept was created by a woman, since after the crowdfunding it was clear that the crew was only made up of about 30–40% women.)

On Twitter, Zoe Quinn criticized the initiative — she may have been right or wrong, but the tone was certainly wrong. Being Zoe Quinn the woman (or rather, the whore) everyone hated, someone, tied to TFYC, commented a defamatory reddit post about Quinn, saying that after having been insulted and doxed (to dox means to publish online private information, with the purpose of blackmail, extortion, and so on) by the developer, they opened an Indiegogo campaign needing 65000 $ to help their initiatives.

During the storm, 4chan /v/ (videogames) and reddit were the most focused places about it in the internet, followed by the #gamergate hashtag on Twitter and tumblr.
The discussion goes from reddit to 4chan, and since that everyone started endorsing TFYC — so much a mascot is born, supporting female freedom of expression.
This mascot is Vivian James, created by the 4chan community as a whole.

Apple//Green: I like to think the character reached the status [of meme] once Gamergate became more mainstream, since that was when a large number of people would create fanart and such for it. It was more so supposed to be a mascot of sorts.
/v/ already had its mascot, a “board-tan”, that is a character that represents the board and its users, so Vivian became /v/ board-tan’s daughter.

He sent me some pictures created by 4chan users. I asked him who made them.
Apple//Green: Random anons in threads at the time. There isn’t really any credit attached to most Vivian James art, since that’s pretty much how 4chan’s supposed to work. There’s no name or upvoting system attached to any content and it’s all just contributing content and ideas for the sake of it.

Seeing as the 4chan community became active creating this mascot, The Fine Young Capitalists promised that if they supported their campaign, Vivian James would be part of their videogame.
I’ve been informed the character created by /v/ is Vivian James. We will work with the creator to incorporate her into the lore of the game.

I've been informed the character created by /v/ is Vivian James. We will work with the creator to incorperate her into the lore of the game.
— TFYC (@TFYCapitalists) 22 agosto 2014

The feminist organization caught the press attention even more when their crowdfunding campaign got hacked: this gave the whole matter more visibility and added fuel to the Zoe Quinn fire. In the first half of September 2014, especially thanks to 4chan donations, The Fine Young Capitalists reached and exceeded the amount it needed to produce its videogame. As his first official communication after collecting 71500 $ from more than 3800 backers in the IndieGogo campaign, the founder of the project Matthew Rappard thanked both his supporters and trolls hindering the campaign.
To all our trolls, thank you for providing a constant stream of comments to keep the dialog flowing. People often ask why I respond to trolls I find with a name search. The key reason is that whenever I do, more people hear about the production, which means more donations. Without you critics of the Internet, we would have soon been forgotten. Your anger and drama kept the project alive and for that I salute you.
After these words, The Fine Young Capitalists chose one of the contest ideas and started working on it, while month after month the focus on Gamergate started fading and becoming a distant memory. A year later, in August 2015, the games came out on Steam for 5 $.
The game was presented as a project made by Gamergate and 4chan /v/ and got tepid reviews by users. Moreover, Vivian James participation was negligible: she appeared in the brief intro and had a minor cameo role. As per her achievement data, it appears only 1.7% of players saw her.

Apple//Green: From what I’ve seen her affiliation with Gamergate was caused by common interest and pretty much just everyone who supported Gamergate always somewhat bringing the character into it.

The 4chan community, since it just managed to create its own mascot, decided to move forward on its own with the production of any media containing this character, in a more dignified way than what TFYC had done. I then ask Kevin to tell me about the origins of VivGame, the game designed by the 4chan community.

Apple//Green: The game started as a one man project. Since the developer preferred to stay anonymous he used the name “Devguy” in pretty much every Vivian James thread. The intention behind the idea of the game was to create a working engine with one playable level so that later on people could create their own levels.

Apple//Green: Since the game was initially supposed to be a project everyone could contribute to, Devguy also encouraged people to create their own music for the game and at the time a playable build with a boss battle (in which you fought a giant Redditor robot) was available.

So I decided to work on that as quickly as possible (threads on 4chan usually generally get deleted in a few hours) and people liked it so much that he immediately wanted to get in touch with me.
At the time the influx of ideas was HUGE, to the point where anons created a Google doc just to have this big collective design document everyone could contribute to.

The idea was for every level to eventually be themed after a board on 4chan. The /m/ board is for discussion about mech anime and everything related to it, so the demo for that level (which was created by another anon entirely) would play in a giant futuristic base filled with tons of references to mecha shows.

Apple//Green: Unfortunately there’s this stigma tied to 4chan projects created by anonymous posters inside threads, that is how they usually don’t get finished. It only makes sense that no direct contact and steady work schedule heavily influence progress, productivity and communication at the same time.
The eventual massive influx of shitposters once Gamergate started becoming a thing didn’t help at all, so eventually Devguy and I were the only people actively producing content for the game and after 2–3 playable demo builds development came to a grinding halt and for the next year or so. I’d occasionally send him e-mails containing new music and asking him if he’s still working on the game.
He’d tell me he’s in fact still working on it but as time went on progress on the game almost completely stopped and even he himself referred to it as a hobby project he might come back to from time to time. He also got doxxed by people who were assumingly anti GG/Vivian James and that probably didn’t help.

I asked him if he read all the commens on gameplay videos, where many people were asking for a Kickstarter campaign.

Apple//Green: I heard some terrible things have happened with doxxing recently. I highly doubt that a kickstarter project for the exact same game, lead by the same person, would be possible since 4chan projects are usually held to the high standard of “we don’t need publicity or fame.” I don’t know how Devguy stands on that matter.
This is a huge shame to me because I think the designs had a lot of charm and the mechanics and boss battle were surprisingly really enjoyable.

He then sent me a gameplay storyboard screenshot.

Apple//Green: I mean look at this. What is not to love about this? Haha
I asked Kevin some more questions in the following days, but because of some economic problems he first apologized and then said he couldn’t afford rent this month, so he didn’t feel like answering more questions. I told Kevin’s story so that someone could appreciate his music and support him in his work, since, while “radical feminist” associations could make more than 70000 $ to support artists. the same artists who supported the cause with their creations weren’t helped at all by these groups whose alleged purpose is charity.

By the way: what about The Fine Young Capitalists?

In 2015 and 2016 TFYC winded up managing fundraisers for three other projects:
  • The first one was a contest to create a sci-fi webcomic called SNless, to be published with NonCommercial Creative Commons. To date, nothing is known about the contest.
  • The second one was a scholarship created by an aerospace engineer-slash-porn star named Mercedes Carrera, for STEM students (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The scholarship funds were donated via Indiegogo and by some cam girls’ audience.
  • The third one was the Vivian James Film Award, or in other words, donating the remanders of the proceeds to a Canadian Cinema school, motivated by: “We created this prize because the new Ghostbusters sucks.”
Wouldn’t it have been better to give the rest of the funds to those who dedicated their valuable time, creating excellent material, and who really believed in the ideals that made TFYC a profit?

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Ash VS Evil Dead would be able to become a masterpiece, but...

After watched the Season Finale and the alternate ending story, I realize that Season 3 can finally be the occasion to make a masterpiece.

I want to thank:

  • Leonardo Chironi and Fagiolino Bean for helping me to translate just a part of this analysis during their limited time on christmas vacations. Sorry for my english.
  • Emanuele Crivello (editor at and owner of Evil Dead Italia), for approving this and for helping me during the publication of this article.



Please, before reading, throw away all the paradox theories: you can write a fresh new time travel story even without paradoxes. I want to try to explain why this show needs to fix some little points for become a truly amazing experience and not Troma's American Horror story.

Just for the record: I love Troma and Lloyd Kaufman, I consider Kaufman one of the best indipendent artist af all times, a mentor for James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Super) and Matt Stone & Trey Parker (South Park). So knowing that he's also a very kindly person, I have asked to him about the series (And yes, the Morgue scene was awesome if considered that is a reference to Troma movies)

But Ash Vs Evil Dead got the finest qualities to become elegant like FX’s Fargo without lose adrenaline, fear, thrilling moments and slapstick.


Evil Dead hybrid structure is what makes big this Franchise

===10 Hours ago===

Season 1 was just what the fans wanted to see. And it was awesome.

  • Ash is still alive after 30 years. His character is still charming and intense. Bruce Campbell is magnetic like never before.
  • 5 hours of new materials for fans written by an amazing writing crew
  • 5 excellent directors (including two episodes directed by Iolaus) with the hard mission to expand the visual art of the original trilogy style 
  • Joseph Lo Duca's score and Jason Smith's mighty musical selection to listen in everyday life, pure finest musical culture. The music department have done an excellent job.  This soundtrack is one of the best in television history, near to Fargo, Twin Peaks and Westworld Soundtracks.
  • Lucy Lawless , the most greatest TV heroin of all times, inside one of the best Saga of alla times.
  • New material for expand the Fantasy universe connected to the Necronomicon: Ex Mortis - The greatest DIY book of all times
  • Bad CGI effects that becomes the best CGI effects ever seen during Eligos's apparition

Season 2 was just what the fans wanted to see... again... and it was just a more excessive frenetic gruesome reunion party with good intentions to expand their possibilities that missed the point.

About the good intentions, IGN wrote a full review with all the good things happened in season 2. And there's a lot.

But this long and detailed article want to analyze why people lost interest in the show. Look guys, I don't want to teach anything to anybody. I believe in cast and crew decisions and I respect them... If you don't like an old Evil Dead fan point of view it's ok, you're not forced to read this post and you can stop to read it in any moment.

=== Ash VS Frankenstein ===

In Season 1 Ash was scared, because Ash knew that he was old and when he found Pablo and Kelly he finally started thinking to a legacy. Bruce Campbell can finally interpretate something more dramatic... and we missed FEAR in this season.

There’s nothing scarier than become completely mad and die alone. That’s why Ash is human. That's why fans seen themself inside him. In Season 2 seems like he's actually a sort of Frankenstein monster, hated by people and by his own father. We have finally understood what happened after his escape from the cabin 30 years ago, and why he ran away from his town.  And something like that can fuck your mind completely.

But at the end of the Season 2 he seems to redeems himself... or not?

“I know what you’re all saying: Ash Williams saved everybody. Yep, probably going to have a statue made and a parade in my honor.”

"Wow, it’s just that... all of this It’s so perfect... I mean I never expected any of this..."

After departure of Craig DiGregorio, the show have change completely road... and this can be a good thing. In the managing of the Finale a lot of things was confusing. Also this is a good thing: production can finally starts the Bruce Campbell full Experience.


In the asylum episode (2X07), people don't even think for one second about the possibility of Ash being possessed by Baal. As I said, fear were missing.

But people also watch Bruce Campbell interpretation of the episode, when he surrenders.

People reaction was: Shit, he really collapsing to Baal?

Bruce Campbell that plays Ash that plays Bruce Campbell it’s one of the best things of the season... really. More than a time paradox.
Every movie is a different Ash's growth. People hope to see Ash's evolution in the series.

We know that he can do that, just think at his interpretation of Reagan in Fargo Season 2.

In the Pilot, we see the real scared Ash, with nightmares in his mind. He is a man that wants to stay alone, he don't want to lose more friends. 
In season 2:

his father dies and 30 minutes later all he can think is about to get laid with Linda. Also, we don't see him bury his father (But in episode 1X02 he buries Kelly's parents).

Fortunately he seems to start reacting after Pablo's death (thanks to Baal for this)...

Michelle Hurd's character, unexpectly for fans, seems a reason for Ash to defeat evil... maybe an evolved Ash in Season 3 can explain only to her what's going on inside his tormented mind... or maybe he can hardly try to avoid a face to face with her... a lot of things are possibles with a lot of interesting consequences. But this new Linda firstly need to be accepted by fans, this is the hard part.

This series is the occasion to write a full story that can be the real ENDING for Ash, and could close this saga. And there's three (or one if Starz starts to lose TV Ratings) more season to make this possible.

And then fandom will keep it going it for maybe 2500 years! Seriously... people love this saga and I'm one of these guys.

=== People who love the original saga stopped to watch Ash VS Evil Dead ===

Just watch the faces in this compilation video. You can see all the humans feelings of this world: joy, astonishment, anxiety, confusion (in a good way), fear, laughs. Who have watched the first trailer after waiting years know this sensation. So what happened? Why people stopped to watch the series? I've tried to make an analysis, involving also cast and crew of the show where possible (you can see in this post my twitter conversations with some of them)


 The following are just my thoughts and my personal suggestions as a fan that see a lot of potential in the series' future.



Every good story needs time for a good evolution. David Lynch's new Twin Peaks is an example. If people waited 30 years for a sequel, they can also wait 2 or more years for an epic ending.

During the Collider's Podcast "After Ash", Perri Nemiroff and Dana De Lorenzo talk about the possibility of making Webisodes (Min. 21:17).

Webisode will be interesting...
Do you know what is also interesting? Webcomics or a series plot extension or an official Alternate Reality Game in the way of Find 815 (Lost) , Utopia: The Lost gameThe Fall: Spector's Journal.

This is a good occasion for take the time, and give to fans something. Really guys: if production stop for one year, people just goes crazy. Obsession will possess them.

If you want to discuss insane and funny theories just check the reddit community of Ash VS Evil Dead


Yes, this ending has plot-holes but this can be a real possibility to shuffle the cards on the table.

But it needs time and he also needs the rights for Army of Darkness. Because without these rights, people will talk about this lack forever, also, it's hard to keep calling back two horror movies forever. Also, is cast's favorite movie. The series needs S-mart shop again, it needs Joseph Lo Duca's original score and, mostly, it needs Ash's memories.

But Campbell and Tapert affirmed "we don't need them". Then Bruce Campbell has explain the situation (here at minute 2:11 and here). So I'm started a research but I found just the comic franchise and this trademark logo. As far as I know, MGM owns Army of Darkness license of Comic Books  published by Dark Horse Comics and later by Dynamite Entertainment.
Now, I don't know the situation from the inside,  I've also thinked, (with my competence in finding solutions for companies) to write some contractual agreement to propose at the Production, an agreement with a lot of benefits for both Starz and Mgm, if Production is interested, just contact me via mail or social.

I suggest to insist on this important matter because if production don't got these rights, a piece of audience (The ones who love just Evil Dead 3) seems not to much interested on AVED, blood can't fill everything alone.

=== Reinassance Picture / Ghost House Pictures / Special Guests ===

I always admire how three young friends follow their dreams and create a family business. Not an empire... a family business, a company with an heart and a personal artistic touch. And this company have produced our childhood's best TV Show, we have grown with the shows maded by these "three stooges". But not only TV Show, they launched director's like Fede Alvarez, a guy that have made a short movie with CGI Robots and the "28 days later" soundtrack. 

This short movie convinced Sam Raimi to pick up Fede Alvarez to direct the Evil Dead Remake. And, speaking about direction, the remake is awesome. Really guys, when I need to talk about an example of visual good remake, I always choose to talk about to this movie. And I hate remakes and reboots from the deep of my heart.

Lastly, Sam Raimi has worked with great stars of hollywood. And half of the people have worked with him, have seen the Evil Dead Saga and was shocked by that movie.

This show is the occasion for enter in the Evil Dead Universe, there's a lot of directors and stars
that citing Evil Dead, have become professionals and creative geniuses.

Edgar Wright's "Spaced"
with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

== Evil Dead is not the Walking Dead ==

During Walking Dead 7x01 I know some characters will die (I know it because internet is full of spoilers). But when I saw Ash reconciliating with his father and then lost him, I cried.... because this is the life: when you finally fix your relationships, bad things happened.

I know that the series is not focalized on drama moments because don't have the time, and also I don't want to see in an horror comedy, characters crying for death friends for two episodes. But for one single episode for season (if is true that  Starz gives creativity freedom), production need to make an exception. One 40 minute for better exalt the feelings when it's the right moment.

This episode have two time lapse sequences... but you need to watch it again for understand how much time Ash has spent in the asylum. And spending 50 minutes of your life anyway.
Allanah Bazzard and Tony Tilse careful RECAP editing of 2x08 "Ashy Slashy" focuses on little details for summarise David Frazee's previously episode. Rewatch it. This happens because this particular episode have too much points for just 25 minutes.
I really hope to watch a director's cut of the full show in a future. 

Anyway (and i repeat Anyway), I want to remember that is possible create full emotional breakdown also in 20 minutes episodes, the trick is to start a song 60-120 seconds before the credits.

If you start a song 10-30 seconds before the credits, you also have an interesting and satysfing cliffhanger sequence.

In my opinion The real Ash is trapped in his own character, he can hides to Kelly and Pablo his feelings (Is what he have done at the end of Season 1, he have chosen a truce for save them and for not stay alone again). But Ash is full of fear. His life was devastated by evil and this evil haves his own face.

== The Dark ones ===

Nothing about dark ones have been told in season 2. We just know that Ruby betrays Baal, but why?
 Who’s at the top of Dark Ones' council? In my opinion, just one person be at the top of the evil (I don’t want to tell you, figure it out). And in Season 3 something will finally be explained.

=== S3E01: Home Alone (an exercise)  ===

i wrote an hypothetical 3x01 intro script with notes, just to keep practicing as writer, an exercise that I named (for a couple of reasons) "301 - Home Alone"


Ash is in the woods, with a beard and a black eye-patch, alone walking (or perhaps riding a white horse) in the snow...  maybe Evil Forces destroyed the world in the present, maybe he flew somewhere in the past because the world is over, maybe he's in a frozen hell.... a sort of strange place, an Ash's own mind prison...

With a guessed score (like the one during the Army of Darkness Alternate original ending when Ash sleeps for years) the public follows him in this strange place. Audience, (helped by specific shoots from Director's episode) starts to understand where Ash is and why is there.

He's searching for something in the woods, under the rocks, he finds some mushrooms. He has a wooden hand (as seen in Season 1). He first smells them and then he picks and collects them into a small brown bag.

After that, the sky becomes completely dark. Music score becomes darker. A voice from above starts to speak. A very dark voice into a red-lighted cloud. The only light in the obscured clouded sky.

The voice, with a very deep tone, says: 


Ash is scared and tries to run in the woods followed by the force. A  40-120 seconds  running sequence. He finds the lighthouse, his new home for the whole time he spent in this strange place. 

Something in the building reconnects the place to the cabin and the windmill.  

We see Ash getting inside and this stops the evil force rush. 

Ash puts some woods in the fireplace. A disassembled chainsaw is on the table.

He starts to cough. He spits blood from his mouth.  He is sick, he is weak and he is alone. He’s dying. Why?

When he sees the blood, he starts to be angry and very scared. 

He starts to speak alone:

ASH: What have I done... what have I done...

He screams:


He takes off his wooden hand stained with his spitted blood and throws it in the fireplace.

Main Title Opening

After this sequence, the rest of the episode will be like every episode of AVED, a mix of good direction, sense of humor, good quality writing... When I wrote this dark flash-forward, I've thinked:

Finally people can be scared by the possibility of losing their hero and can get involved in a real plot. With this flash-forward intro you get 10 episodes of time to explain what's going... because at the end of this series (hoping episode 5X10), Ash needs to die and carry on his legacy, and production needs time and a good plane to do this.

=== Kelly, the chosen dark one ===

Kelly can be still connected to Ash in a way, not necessary as a daughter....  she can becoming a dark one and continues to be the best badass amazing character of the last ten years. I have some ideas about it because Kelly was the first person in the series really devastate by evil.

She watched their parents die in the most horrible way possible. Like Ash (from Evil Dead 1) she was totally scared. Audience understand that because Ash don't say a word. No stupid jokes or overreacted sense of humor. He understand that evil is seriously back. Director Michael J. Bassett gives to the episode a sense of pure horror. And the episode is also fun, in right dose, never excessive.

Her evolution is one of the better thing in season 1.
In Season 2, she starts to speak with the evil forces. There's a reason that writers of the show can be use: She is the only that can save Ash from his own frozen hell.

But before that, she needs a lonely journey into the abyss of evil.

When Ash fell in the abyss

Dana De Lorenzo interpretation in 2x07 was marvelous and insane. The actress is like a kaleidoscope.

=== Pablo needs to become El Brujo ===

Pablo is actually the book, and he's also connected with the dark ones. But now that Ruby is evil, he just needs a training to use this powers. Maybe El Brujo’s ghost... maybe a long bearded medieval wizard... There's a lot of options but Pablo needs to evolve his powers and he needs a training.

Because he can be the only one that can contrast Dark Kelly's powers and save her from evil.
With this:

Oopps... wrong photo....

=== Ruby Knowby/ Dark Ruby: Restart point ===

We can finally have the occasion for study in deep the Evil Dead.. this strange evil force that flies between the woods, and is also the occasion for understand why Ruby choose to become a Dark One. I don't want to tell any theory about her (but yes, I have a good one). I believe in Lucy Lawless's interpretation, anything will be good because she knows and feels her own characters. This year mortal (and human) Ruby was just a mother that have lost her opportunity to create a legacy (something still never happened in the actual Ash evolution) and, after lose everything, surrender to evil. Amazing.

=== Balance of Sense of humor ===

A superlative Ted Raimi in his most WTF sequence of the show
One of the most frequent questions during the Q&A of Season 1 was: Is Ted Raimi involved in this?
When finally his partecipation as "an old Ash's friend" was confirmed, a big "YES!" echoed in the whole world. One thought cross my mind in that moment:

What if Ted, from Ash's best friend, turns into a serious evil son of a bitch villain?

For the occasion i have rewatched some odd episodes of Xena set on alternate realities and i have seen how much is good Ted Raimi in different characters with different moods.

Then I watched him in Season 2 and something was wrong:

Yes the character is fun because is Ted Raimi in the part of an old stoned friend of a stoned hero, but, sincerely is an overreacted character. He have no empathy for Ash (But Ash still believes in his last legacy from his past) and after he knew that is father is dead, he stealthily enters in his home for masturbate on Cheryl's dress... why? It's not fun like the colon parassite scene, is just weird. Even Ash tries to not think about that for don't lose his friendship...

But Chet's redemption occurs in the season finale when he cuts Ash's hand for the second time. There's a sort of evil symbolism in this. I really enjoy this kind of things. But unfortunately, the last episode is too fast and intense to focalize on this deep moment. You need to watch two times.

I hope that Chet Kaminsky was just the first step for a regular acting of Ted Raimi during next seasons, because we saw just a 35% of his real acting capacities this year (Badass Henrietta included).


Ted and Ivan Raimi's work was complex. Ivan wrote the most complex episode title of the series (DUI) and he's still a brilliant writer. Is important to see also Sam Raimi directly involved, not only as a producer but in writing or directing (or also acting as a character!). I only imagine how busy can't be Sam Raimi, but even after Spiderman, this saga is the creation that people will remember forever as the masterpiece of the director. We need to see his hand on the show.

(Sam Raimi's hand)

=== Craig DiGregorio===

We missed Eli in this season, the emotional impact of a pet is something not to underestimate 

He made a wonderful job in season 1 and in Season 2 beginning. When I saw the fantasy element (like Ruby as a witch or the Book bound in Pablo's flesh) and Brock Williams inside the show I thought that this Season would been better than the first. But DiGregorio also mades mistakes in Season 2 (after 2x06 every episodes was so confusing, not just the finale and push the accelerator on too much unnecessary overreaction moments).
I hope it will come back as a writer in Season 3, but not as a Showrunner.

The episode Home Again (2x09) have plot-holes and incongruence with the Professor Knowby stuff but only if you consider the time travel theory. His evil intentions will be more plausible if reference from the original movies fits on his backround story.

Writers need time to better discuss ideas and work on it because DiGregorio is a smart guy, that give to the show new good elements and amazing moments but he missed the point this year.

==== Crtical situation, new Showrunner, References ===

One of the best moment of season 2. Baal explains how he was just waiting the right moment for strike again, surprising and (finally) shocking the audience. If you put in the main plot all the Necronomicon's immortal writers, only good things can happen.

Writers (Luke Kalteux from Netflix's Daredevil credited for the last episode) and the producers have managed a critical situation in a very short time. A Season finale into the cabin is not repeating itself, it's what fans want. We saw Baal again (and this make sense) but he's defeat is just... weird... The only thing that can kill dark ones is the kandarian dagger...

I hope to see Baal again, Joel Tobeck has shaped a charming character. Click here for see Baal's Mythology

Now the new Showrunner will be Mark Verheiden, the man that helps Bruce to realize “My name is Bruce”, a sort of Ash Vs Evil Dead Prototype.

But Mark Verheiden is also the writer of "The Evil Dead" a comic series published by Dark Horse Comics. In this comic series he expands the main plot of the first movie adding interesting points like: Ash's thoughts and a Scotty/Ash brief prologue, how deadites currupt their victims and a new unexpected connection between Evil Dead & Evil Dead 2.

I think that is a good and invaluable friend of the crew and I hope that he listening to writes and people’s visual ideas and suggest the better solutions.

From the Movie "My Name is Bruce". Yep, references on your left.

Ellen Sandweiss was outstanding. Watch her again in 2x06 and 2x10 was wonderful.

An hint for all the writers: No more reference of Lost, Futurama, Back to the Future, Star Wars or Jumanji. They're fun but they can compromise an episode and, sometimes, references are just inserted for lack of ideas. This show is a carnival of ideas, just calibrate them. Again I respect writers, this is just a suggestion from outside.

=== Cold openings and Recaps ===

Series like Fargo and The Young Pope have teached that a good story starts with a good beginning and need to consider variable openings and recaps (like in 1x02, 1x10 and 2x10). In Episode 1x02 (The Bait) is possible to see a variation of the opening, with Highway Star by Deep Purple in backround. Production can variate this opening (sometime, not every episode) also in visual effects: blood, flames, chainsaws and everything they're imagination can find!

An example?
Rewatch again cold opening of episode 2x09 and reimagine when they passed the portal, the opening was a blue vortex in the Army of Darkness style. 

This show is what young new directors will study in university and film college in the next years. Directors like Tony Tilse, Rick Jackobson, Micheal J. Bassett, Mark Beesley, David Frazee, Micheal Hurst have written a piece of TV History guided by Sam Raimi experience and creativity.

===In conclusion===

Sian Davis is the best Deadite from Season 1 and hide an easter egg from the Franchise. The Social Department (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr)  mades everyday a wonderful job. But the trend is lower than the last year. People lost interest.

“Emotional feedback
on timeless wavelength
Bearing a gift beyond price,
almost free”
(Rush - Spirit of the radio)

To me Evil Dead is not just an horror/fantasy/funny Franchise. It's the story of a friendship and a family (Initially Robert Tapert, Bruce Campbell, Ivan, Sam and Ted Raimi, Joseph Lo Duca,  then Lucy Lawless and then all the amazing cast & crew that work on Hercules, Xena, the 2013 remake and this series). A group of friends that built something together... and continue to be friends.

Business change people. 

When I watch Evil Dead, I watch a story of a friendship. This is the reason why I'm a 30-years-old fan of this thing.

I'm thinking that, in a future final episode, this will be the most heart-breaking emotionally scene in the series... just ask me why and how...

If the series forget this point, there's no more to talk about in this (sort of) revival.

The meaning of friendship 
and also partnership. In my family I've seen brothers split their company, but these guys seems to be bond like brothers.

I'm just a little writer that works on different things to get a living and, after work at the family company, watch his favorite show with his old friends, when we have the time, not in contemporary with the US or ITALIAN calendar, because we have busy lifes. I wrote this article during the Christmas Holidays because only in this period I have found some time to analyze this series. Some months ago, I've realized a Pilot for Infinity TV (the Italian channel that transmits Ash VS Evil Dead in Italy) and then the pilot was in competition at the Infinity Film Festival with just a budget of 10 € and the free collaboration of MatthewCatCap, a youtuber animator that believed in my project (In the Cabin in the woods style). This is just for saying that before writing a post like this, I've thinking a lot about what can be good to the series (obviously, just in my opinion). Unfortunately for me, I'm not involved in the production of AVED but, also without earn money on it, I just want try to help.

This saga is the glue that bond all of my best friendships. For years (since 2006), during Christmas, we organized an "Evil Dead Trilogy" marathon at home. Now that we have families, enterprises and responsabilities, we have less time but continues to met just for see this saga, in italian adaptation or in english language. This analysis is my way to say "Thank you" to all the cast and crew of the movies and the series.

My 2014 Drink Oppio Comic drawned by Alessio Trepiccione and written by me, also contains reference to Evil Dead. I'm learning from my mistakes that references and paradoxes are fun but you need to think how to fix them and you can waste a lot of time doing that.

Happy new groovy year. I still believe that Season 3 will be the best. And with me a lot people think to that: